Logan Black

Logan Black

Erotica with a side of murder

Author – Anachronism – Deviant

Logan Black is all these things and more. But you don’t need to know the “more.” All you need to know is that he writes about sex and crime and all the base emotions that happen in between — greed, jealousy, wrath, lust. Always lust.

His writing is a throwback to the Noir ’40s, only no one in the ’40s ever wrote sex scenes like this. If you’re looking for a “happily ever after,” you won’t find it here. The “HEA” is a myth. But passion? Desire? Depravity? These are real. They are the flame in the dark, the promise of salvation and the herald of disaster all at once.

Logan Black doesn’t do erotic romance. He does erotica with a side of murder.

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The Money Shot

When your partner is murdered, you’re supposed to do something about it–even if he is a useless drunk. But for private detective Danny Diamond, it’s a little more complicated than that. He’s been sleeping with his partner’s wife. Read More "The Money Shot"

Sticky Fingers

Betty Robinson loves her job. Working at an upscale Hollywood hotel allows her to indulge all her her fantasies in the empty hotel rooms. The valuables that disappear in the process are just the icing on the cake. Read More "Sticky Fingers"

The Kitty That Got the Cream

Eileen has seen her share of tawdry cases. As secretary for Danny Diamond, it goes with the territory. But she's always experienced them from the sidelines - until her boss approaches her with a case all her own. Read More "The Kitty That Got the Cream"

She Looked Good in Pearls

When Betty Robinson promised she'd go straight, Danny Diamond knew she was full it. So he isn't surprised when the thieving maid turns up on his doorstep begging for for an alibi. She spins a tale of a dead woman in pearls and a trail of evidence that leads her. Read More "She Looked Good in Pearls"

Old Flames Never Die

Lilly Bowman was an old flame Danny Diamond never wanted to see again. But his former mistress roars back when she inherits her husband's stake in the detective agency - and she aims to make their first case as deliciously agonizing as possible. Read More "Old Flames Never Die"

Body Count

Evelyn caught her husband cheating with a poolhall tramp. When he comes crawling back, she sees an opportunity to exact a little revenge and maybe have her own fun too. His penance? He’ll have to watch his wife as she’s railed by another man. Read More "Body Count"

The Black Noel

Diamond is the hero of the hour. After solving a heinous murder, he and his partner are invited to a Christmas party at a powerful L.A. judge's home. It would be wonderful if it wasn't all a sham. Read More "The Black Noel"


Bounce is an erotic retelling of Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass." It reimagines the classic story as a South Florida crime tale with Wonderland as a strip club with Alice the new girl hellbent on becoming queen bee. Read More "Bounce"

Eliza Black

The original “Twitter Wife” kicks off the CRUSHED MFM series with a virtual romp that turns oh-so-real. Lots of inside jokes and tongue-in-cheek humor in this one (plus Eliza Black demonstrates her ability to squirt with the best of them). Read More "Eliza Black"

Vivian Blake

Inspired by Vivian Blake’s “Insatiable Touch” series, this CRUSHED installment features sex magic, demonic possession, and an earth-shattering DP that saves our very souls. Read More "Vivian Blake"

Jordan Lubov

Jordan Lubov is in town, and she’s visiting longtime friends Ranch and Logan. So what better time to have an old-fashioned sleepover? It gets hot and heavy in short order as old time friends become friends with benefits. Read More "Jordan Lubov"

J A Martin

Administrative assistant Julia has daydreamed for months about her bosses Ranch and Logan. She yearns to play bratty sub and be dominated by the tall, dark, and handsome duo. Her fantasy becomes a reality at the department Christmas party. Read More "J A Martin"

Harlot O. Scara

Harlot O. Scara lures Ranch back to her place with some delicious torments in mind. It's up to Logan to find and rescue his pal - but what if Ranch doesn't want to be rescued? Read More "Harlot O. Scara"

Andrea H. Todd

When Andrea confessed her deepest fantasy to partner Logan, she didn't expect him to try to make it a reality. But that's exactly he does, enlisting his best friend Ranch to help him worship his goddess in full. Read More "Andrea H. Todd"

Vivienne Hawthorn

Best buddies Logan and Ranch are in town, and Vivienne agrees to meet them for a drink after her last client session. However, when Logan inquires about her line of work, her answer leaves his head spinning. She's a professional dominatrix. Read More "Vivienne Hawthorn"


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Be seein’ you, kid.

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