About Me – Logan Black
About Me – Logan Black

About Me – Logan Black

About Me – Logan Black

Hi there. I’m Logan Black. It’s not my real name, but we can pretend that it is. I write stuff.

There are a lot of places I could start, but I suppose the best place is the “About the Author” section you can find in any of my books.

Logan Black is a husband, father, and corporate wage slave living in South Carolina. His moonlighting gig is way more interesting than his day job. His primary artistic endeavor is the Danny Diamond series of erotic mysteries set in 1940s Los Angeles — an erotic take on hardboiled and Noir classics like The Maltese Falcon. He has a penchant for old books, good whiskey, and everything kinky, and he shares them with his followers on Twitter. Find him there under the handle @LoganBlackAuthr or visit him at his website, loganblack.me.

But there’s a lot more than that lurking in between the lines. There always is, isn’t there?

How It All Started

As the blurb says, my moonlighting gig (writing) is way more interesting than my day job. The day job feeds my family. The writing feeds my soul.

I was an English major in college, which means I spent my undergrad years reading old books and writing papers about it. My grand plan at age 20 was that I would become an English professor and spend my time reading books and writing papers and making my students read books and write papers.

As it usually does, though, life had other plans in store.

I wound up getting married right out of college. Still the single greatest decision of my life, by the way. Not a smooth road by any means, but one I don’t regret either. I was feral when my wife took me in and nursed me along into a fully functioning human being. I tell people all the time, that woman is the best part of my personality.

I made a go of it in Corporate America, all the while making an effort to keep my creative endeavors on life support. Mainly, that was my first novel, The Money Shot.

Cover image owned by the author

I first had the idea for the book all the way back in 2008. I wrote another blog on the topic called, “On the Origin of Erotic Noir,” so I won’t go into a whole lot of detail here. But if you want to read more about how several disparate influences came together to form that little brainchild of mine, you’re more than welcome.

I wrote The Money Shot in fits and starts over a couple years, then spent a couple more years editing. Just editing. I was convinced that I had to make it perfect before I went agent shopping, because, by God, this book was going to be traditionally published. It would be in print, and in bookstores, and everything I’d dreamed of.

Except it wasn’t. I’d committed the cardinal sin of any writer trying to get into traditional publishing. I hadn’t done my market research to see if the damn thing would actually sell. After six months of querying agents, I saw the writing on the wall and said, “Fuck it. I’ll just self-publish.”

It was really one of the best things I could have done.

Not because traditional publishing is horrible or wrong (though some might say that). It’s because I want to write what I want to write. I don’t want to have to worry about marketability and industry trends. I want to write the things that move me, that resonate. So in 2015 I self-published The Money Shot and never looked back.

Except, scratch that. I totally did.

My Triumphant Return

Shortly after publishing the book, my life went to shit and I had to completely pull away from writing and my online circle. We soldiered on through life’s upheavals. Things got better. There had already been kids, then there were more kids, career moves and home builds, and we were swept along with the current of life. Until one day in September of 2022 when I had just started a new job, having bailed on the prior job because I was destroying myself on the altar of productivity and people-pleasing (more on that in my blog entry titled, “Why I’m Here”).

I was in that “in between” point of having just started but not having that much to do, and I was struck by this longing to write again. When I quit back in 2015, I’d had several Danny Diamond story ideas in the pipeline. There were so many adventures to write, developmental arcs I wanted to take these characters on. And as I sat there thinking about it, that longing started to get more and more insistent until I couldn’t push it down anymore.

So I said “fuck it,” and I used that time to dive back into the indie erotica writing community, to set up my author profile and give it a go, to reintroduce Danny Diamond and give this self-published author thing a real shot.

I’m so glad I did.

The last year and a half (almost) being back on the scene have been some of the happiest and most fulfilling of my life. I’ve met some great people, learned a lot about myself, and had a lot of fun. Since that time I’ve published four new stories in the Danny Diamond saga, contributed to a charity anthology, started two new series, collaborated with other writers, put out an audiobook, up-skilled on a whole shit-ton of things I never thought I’d have to learn, and even started writing here on Medium.

It’s been an absolute whirlwind, and I’ve loved every bit of it.

My writing style

I’ve described my writing before as “erotica with a side of murder,” but that’s just a pithy slogan. I write more than just erotic noir (even though that is my bread and butter). I can write in a number of different styles, depending upon what’s called for, but the common denominator in all my work is the characters. I like to craft three-dimensional characters, then let them tell the story through their dialogue and actions. Whatever happens in the story, it has to feel authentic to that character.

As you can probably tell from this “about me” story, I can be a verbose motherfucker.

I also enjoy exploring the darker side of sex and sexuality. And by that, I don’t mean just like super kinky, abusive stuff. Consent is always a priority in my work. I mean a lot of the negative emotions that underpin sexual activities. It’s not always rainbows and unicorns and everyone has a fun time, you know? That’s not reality, though it’s what drives a lot of smut these days. Everybody is fucking and everybody is happy about it with zero reservations. But sometimes, people get cheated on. Sometimes, they hate fuck. Sometimes they drown themselves in sex to escape (or recreate?) the trauma of the past.

Last year I wrote a cuckold/hotwife story called Body Count (you can download it for free). When coming up with the story, I started by working backward. Yeah, there’s the sex part. But what possible motivations would a man in the 1940s have to let his wife get fucked by another man? Maybe he’d been fooling around too, and it was what she demanded not to divorce him. But how would she feel about it? Would it be an experience of sexual liberation, or would it be tangled up with feelings of betrayal and revenge and inadequacy? The latter, I thought. So I set about telling the story with that in mind.

Cover image owned by the author

It’s more difficult than writing a simple ‘fuck story,’ but it lends the narrative a realism and dark undercurrent that, for me, makes it way more appealing. It doesn’t just feel like a fantasy. It feels real.

But dark and twisty sex isn’t all I write. I also write fun and slapstick sex. Gotta balance the dark with the light, right? That’s what the CRUSHED MFM series is all about (mostly). Human sexuality, when you really think about it, is kind of ridiculous. We gain unfathomable enjoyment and self-esteem from putting one body party in another person’s body part and creating the right amount of friction, all while our brains spin around on a Ferris wheel of hormones.

It’s absolutely absurd, and yet it’s inextricably part of being human. There’s comedic gold in that, which I tend to tap into in my flash fiction and serial Medium endeavors (more on that below).

What Else Makes Me Tick?

The version of me you get through my writing and social media interactions is the real me, just with maybe a little less of a filter on the naughty stuff (a perk of anonymity). I strive to be encouraging, empathetic, and above all, honest. There’s a lot of heavy shit in the world, and I’ll walk with you through all of it, but I don’t have the answers and I won’t pretend I do with empty platitudes.

I’ve never felt comfortable pretending to be someone I’m not. That’s one thing that’s always made me hate church settings — everybody walking around with masks on pretending to be the version of themselves they think is going to be acceptable. So authenticity is something I strive for in my writing as well as my interactions with other writers and readers. It’s a hard balance to strike when you’re hiding behind a penname and a stock image avatar, but it’s the only way I know to be.

Tangent time! In the brief interlude where I self-published in 2015, the author persona I crafted under “Logan Black” was a female, and I modeled her after my wife’s personality. I had this idea that erotica written by a guy wouldn’t go over very well with readers, so I engineered that little deception. It never felt right to me, though, and when I came back, I decided to ditch all that persona bullshit and just be me.

I also believe that you get more by giving, and I’m always trying to lift up and help out my fellow creatives. Lord knows I got a ton of help from other people on the community, and it’s important to pay it forward.

I’m a Southerner, and though my accent is faint, it’s a big part of my identity. Not that every bit of what comes with that is necessarily good. It’s kind of a right-wing hellhole, but it’s my hellhole.

I love old books, mysteries, and black-and-white movies. Is it any surprise? But I also love physical activity — walking, hiking, lifting weights, boot camp shit, etc. I also like to balance, my vices with my virtues, and I am a fan of strong beer and good whiskey.

I do a vegetable garden every year too. Growing things is one of my great loves for a number of reasons, not the least of which because it is one of the everyday miracles that we take for granted. A tiny seed turns into a massive plant that can help feed your family. How is that not the same as magic? I share that magic during the growing season on my Twitter account too, so if you like vegetable porn (not that vegetable porn), I’m your guy.

I am an unabashed “dog person.” Even in elementary school when the kids would talk about their favorite animals, the other kids would name exotic animals like elephants or tigers or aardvarks as their favorite animals (ok, just kidding. No one ever picked the aardvark. Poor aardvark). But with me, it was always a dog. I mean, cats are cool and all, but have you ever had a dog for a best friend? There’s no comparison.

Family is the most important thing to me, though. Without my wife and boys, I’d be lost. The lion’s share of my time goes into them, and that’s they way it should be — especially while they’re little. It might cut into my writing output, but that’s OK. One day they’ll have their own shit going on, and I’ll only have the voices in my head to keep me company. Better make use of the time while I have it, you know?

That’s About It

Thank you for reading. If you’ve made it all the way to the bottom here, then double thank you. I know that was a lot, and I’m sorry-not-sorry about it. If there’s anything else you want to know, feel free to comment below or drop my an email through the Contact form.

Till next time — be seein’ you, kid.

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