Crushed – An MFM Ménage Erotica Series

Like the series says, CRUSHED is an MFM ménage series. That is, it’s all about two guys and one girl doing the dirty. What makes CRUSHED different is the format.

It started on Medium, where I partnered with fellow writer Agent Ranch Hand (Ranch) and other female writers to write these stories in three parts each. Rach was the constant from week-to-week, while the guest female author changed with each installment. Each author would take a turn at telling a portion of the story, picking up where the last one left off. So in addition to great threesome sex, you get treated to a different POV and a slightly different narrative style with each episode.

CRUSHED is meant to be freewheeling and fun. There’s no over-arching storyline. One installment has no bearing upon the next. One story could be full of demons and angels, the next a serious erotic romance, and the one after that all about sex cyborgs in outer space. The things that tie them together are bros Ranch and Logan and their predilection for banging the same lucky lady.

The thing to remember about this series is that, though the characters share our names, they are not us. Many of the details are drawn from our real selves, but the versions represented here are exaggerated and embellished — if not completely fabricated. Most of the authors who participate in this series are in committed, exclusive relationships (not with each other). Most of us have never met in person. The situations depicted in these pages exist only in the context of the story.

But that doesn’t mean they weren’t a blast to write. We hope you enjoy reading them, too.

Below you’ll find a catalog of the CRUSHED volumes, including a freebie just for joining our mailing list. There are more on Medium, where the series continues, and we are slowly porting most of them over to ebook format (approximately monthly).

CRUSHED – Eliza Black (Volume 0)

The original “Twitter Wife” kicks off the CRUSHED MFM series with a virtual romp that turns oh-so-real. Lots of inside jokes and tongue-in-cheek humor in this one (plus Eliza Black demonstrates her ability to squirt with the best of them).

CRUSHED – Vivian Blake (Volume 1)

Inspired by Vivian Blake’s “Insatiable Touch” series, this CRUSHED installment features sex magic, demonic possession, and an earth-shattering DP that saves our very souls.

CRUSHED – Jordan Lubov (Volume 2)

Jordan Lubov is in town, and she’s visiting longtime friends Ranch and Logan. So what better time to have an old-fashioned sleepover? It gets hot and heavy in short order as old time friends become friends with benefits.

CRUSHED – J A Martin (Volume 3)

Administrative assistant Julia has daydreamed for months about her bosses Ranch and Logan. She yearns to play bratty sub and be dominated by the tall, dark, and handsome duo. Her fantasy becomes a reality at the department Christmas party.

CRUSHED – J A Harlot O. Scara (Volume 4)

Harlot O. Scara lures Ranch back to her place with some delicious torments in mind. It’s up to Logan to find and rescue his pal – but what if Ranch doesn’t want to be rescued?

CRUSHED – Andrea H. Todd (Volume 5)

When Andrea confessed her deepest fantasy to partner Logan, she didn’t expect him to try to make it a reality. But that’s exactly he does, enlisting his best friend Ranch to help him worship his goddess in full.

CRUSHED – Vivienne Hawthorn (Volume 6)

Best buddies Logan and Ranch are in town, and Vivienne agrees to meet them for a drink after her last client session. However, when Logan inquires about her line of work, her answer leaves his head spinning. She’s a professional dominatrix.