Logan Black
J A Martin

J A Martin

CRUSHED – J A Martin

CRUSHED Volume 3

Administrative assistant Julia has daydreamed for months about her bosses Ranch and Logan. She yearns to play bratty sub and be dominated by the tall, dark, and handsome duo, but she’d never have the courage to make the first move.

Fantasizing, though? That’s no problem.

While everyone else in the office is distracted by the office Christmas party, Julia sneaks off to the executive bathroom to indulge her naughty imagination. She doesn’t know her bosses have an eye in the sky poised to catch her in the act.

Or that they plan to turn her fantasy into a reality even more sordid than what she had dreamed of.

Find out along with Julia in CRUSHED: J A Martin.

CRUSHED is a freewheeling MFM menage series told in three parts. Each volume features a new female author at the center of Ranch and Logan’s attention, and all three take turns telling their piece of the story. CRUSHED – J A Martin is approximately 5,000 words in length.

Ebook: $2.99