Logan Black
Vivienne Hawthorn

Vivienne Hawthorn

CRUSHED – Vivienne Hawthorn

CRUSHED Volume 6

“You boys coming? I only bite if you beg nicely.”

Vivienne Hawthorn is a living example that impressive things can come in modest appearances. Best buddies Logan and Ranch are in town, and Vivienne agrees to meet them for a drink after her last client session. However, when Logan inquires about her line of work, her answer leaves his head spinning.

She’s a professional dominatrix.

Logan can’t imagine how this angel-faced little cutie could dominate anyone. According to Vivienne, it’s about respect and determination, not physical strength.

Then she offers to show the boys what she means firsthand.

But Vivienne has a bottom side, too. Will she allow the boys to take charge a little before she shows them a thing or two? What mischief and adventure has Ranch caused now? Find out in CRUSHED – Vivienne Hawthorn.

CRUSHED is a freewheeling MFM menage series told in three parts. Each volume features a new female author at the center of Ranch and Logan’s attention, and all three take turns telling their piece of the story. CRUSHED – Vivienne Hawthorn is approximately 5,000 words in length.

Ebook: $2.99 (Releases 8/13/2024)