Logan Black
Harlot O. Scara

Harlot O. Scara

CRUSHED – Harlot O. Scara

CRUSHED Volume 4

When a dime like Harlot O. Scara walks up to you in a bar, you don’t tell her you’re waiting for a friend. And when that devious Russian minx asks you to come back to her place, you don’t ask stupid questions. You go.

But maybe this one time Ranch should have asked a question or two. Or waited for his buddy Logan.

As soon as Harlot gets him back to her place, Ranch finds himself strapped to the bed while Harlot warms up her riding crop on his behind. Never mind the fact that he might kind of like it, he’s supposed to be doing the crushing, not getting crushed under her stiletto heels!

Will Logan be able to track him down and turn the tables on his vile temptress? Find out in the Ranch and Logan’s next thrilling adventure, CRUSHED – Harlot O. Scara.

CRUSHED is a freewheeling MFM menage series told in three parts. Each volume features a new female author at the center of Ranch and Logan’s attention, and all three take turns telling their piece of the story. CRUSHED – Harlot O. Scara is approximately 5,000 words in length.

Ebook: $2.99 (Releases 7/2/2024)

Strict mistress in black latex dress with collar and chain