Danny Diamond

Danny Diamond

Danny Diamond Erotic Mysteries

If you’ve ever read Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler, you know the Noir private detective archetype. Their protagonists are modern knights errant, fighting for justice against a corrupt world with nothing but their wits, a gun, and a sharp tongue.

That’s not Danny Diamond.

Well, not entirely. The wits, gun, and sharp tongue are there. But a knight in shining armor, he ain’t. It’s hard to be that when you’re always letting your libido make decisions for you.

The version of 1940’s Los Angeles he inhabits looks a lot like the one crafted by Chandler or Ross MacDonald. Except under the veneer of sunshine and post-WWII feel-good lurks a core more depraved than anything they would have dared depict back then. In that way, it’s not unlike James Ellroy’s Neonoir reimaginings.

Except the sex in these stories isn’t just explicit. It’s the main event.

Read on for a chronological listing of Danny Diamond books. Those with a decimal place (e.g., 1.2) are shorter novelette-length works, while those with a whole number are full-length novels. Also keep in mind that this listing includes planned books as well, so not all titles are currently available.

Book 0 – The Little Death (forthcoming)

Los Angeles, 1943. Detective Danny Diamond is no stranger to death. But when he takes on a moonlight gig to retrieve a lost engagement ring, he gets more than he bargained for: Mexican gangsters, race riots, an unlooked for passion–and a ‘little death’ that will change him forever.

0.1 – The Black Noel

This novelette tells the story of how Danny Diamond got himself kicked off the L.A. police force (and bagged a judge’s wife to boot). It’s December, 1944, and Diamond is the hero of the hour. After solving the heinous Black Noel Murder, he and his partner, Eddie Valentino, are invited to a Christmas party at a powerful judge’s home to celebrate. It would be wonderful if it wasn’t all a sham.

0.3 – Body Count

Evelyn’s caught her war hero husband cheating. So when he comes crawling back, she sees an opportunity for a little revenge. His penance? He’ll have to watch as his wife is railed by another man. His one stipulation is the man she picks has to have as high a body count as he does. Good thing there is more than one way to count bodies. This title is FREE if you sign up for Logan Black’s monthly newsletter.

Book 1 – The Money Shot

When your partner is murdered, you’re supposed to do something about it. But for private detective Danny Diamond, it’s a little more complicated. He’s been sleeping with his partner’s wife. As he struggles to clear his name in post-WWII Los Angeles, he uncovers a sordid world of sex, lies and greed. And with it, a “money shot” worth killing for.

1.1 – Sticky Fingers

Betty Robinson loves doing naughty things in the fancy guest rooms at the hotel where she works. The fact that certain items go missing afterward is just icing on the cake. So far she’s been smart enough not to get caught, but what happens when the hotel hires a private dick to investigate the thefts? And what happens when that PI is Danny Diamond?

1.2 – The Kitty That Got the Cream

Eileen Jacobsen has seen her share of tawdry cases. As secretary for Danny Diamond, it goes with the territory. When her boss approaches her with a case all her own, she jumps at the chance. It’s a milk run – a quick flight to San Fran to retrieve an old lady’s cat. But it’s never as simple as that when libidos run hot and talk turns to the Mile High Club. Or when the cat turns out to be the spawn of Satan himself.

1.3 – She Looked Good in Pearls

When Betty Robinson promised she’d go straight, Danny Diamond knew she was full of baloney. So when the thieving maid turns up on his doorstep at 4 a.m., spinning tales about a dead woman in pearls, he immediately suspects she’s been up to no good. But the detective was never one to send a willing dame packing. He resolves to get to the bottom of it and teach her a lesson in respect in the process. But what happens when his harsh discipline teaches Betty an entirely different lesson altogether?

1.4 – Old Flames Never Die (Coming June 2024)

To Diamond’s dismay, Mrs. Bowman–old flame and widow of his murdered partner–reveals herself as fifty percent owner of the detective agency. She takes great pleasure in twisting the knife at their first meeting in Beverly Hills, but is interrupted by the discovery of a dead man in the country club pool. Diamond gets co-opted to protect the club’s interests during the investigation, but he quickly finds that the “club’s interests” include a male prostitution ring and things even more foul. He also finds that some flames are harder to quench than others.