River Child – Free Audio Reading
River Child – Free Audio Reading

River Child – Free Audio Reading

Any of you who follow me on Medium have probably heard about my short story, “River Child.” It was originally submitted to Crush Publications for their October writing contest. The theme was “Paranormal,” and so I decided to do an Appalachian twist on classic Greek myth. Because, as I mentioned before, I’m pretentious like that.

River Child is a backwoods retelling of the myth of the Naiad – the spiritual embodiments of streams and rivers that would copulate with mortals or – as was far more frequent – drown them in the waters they dwelled in. I spent a large amount of my time growing up in the hollows of Southwestern, Virginia, so the combination of Greek myth and dark folklore seemed like a natural fit to me. I promise it’s spicy, but it takes a bit to get there – a little more “erotic romance” than my usual stuff.

As it so happens, I won the contest, and “River Child” has become one of my best-read stories on Medium. But unfortunately for most of you, you can’t get to it outside of that platform.

Until now.

Enter Shred Penner. He’s a relatively new voice actor from Canada that is starting to make a name for himself in spicy audio circles, and he asked me if he could perhaps do a recording of “River Child.” Of course, I said yes–as long as I could share the end results with all of you.

I’m here to tell you he did a phenomenal job. Though, I invite you to decide for yourself. You can click on the embedded audio file below to play through your browser, or use the drop down (the three dots on the right-hand side) to download the mp3.

Be sure to tell me what you thought, and give a shout out to Shred over at his Linktree. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Chris

    Thank you for the awesome short story. Loved all of it from the story itself to Shred’s reading of it. Bittersweet since I’m sure that had Cali had a girl Paul would have never known he was a father. It was so well written that I could picture it all in my head like a movie.

    1. Logan Black

      Thank you so much, Chris! Those are some really high words of praise. I’m truly flattered.

      In the future, I’d like to do more of these myth retellings as one-off stories, so stay tuned for others in a similar vein.

      Thanks again!

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