Logan Black
She Looked Good in Pearls

She Looked Good in Pearls

She Looked Good in Pearls

A Danny Diamond Erotic Mystery Novelette (#1.3)

When Betty Robinson promised she’d go straight, Danny Diamond knew she was full of baloney. So when the thieving maid turns up on his doorstep at 4 a.m., begging for for an alibi, he isn’t exactly surprised. She spins a tale of a lost key, a dead woman bedecked in pearls, and a trail of evidence that leads back to her.

Diamond agrees to help pull her shapely rear out of hot water. However, he quickly finds out Betty’s tale is full of holes and she’s been playing him for a fool. He resolves to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget, even if he has to take her over his knee to do it. But what happens when she learns an entirely different lesson than the one he intended?

“She Looked Good in Pearls” is an erotic novelette of approximately 13,000 words featuring light BDSM, Age Gap, and Spanking. It continues the story from “Sticky Fingers,” Danny Diamond Erotic Mystery #1.1.

Ebook: $2.99 (Releases 12/19/2023)

Vella: 102 Tokens

Praise for the Danny Diamond Series

–“Combines skillful writing, moody atmosphere, glorious hot sex, a thumping good murder mystery, and fantastic characters.”

–“A tight interpretation of the hard-boiled tradition of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett.”

–“Really, really hot”

–“Puts most erotic authors to shame”

–“A sexual climax that coincides with the story climax. The plotting it took to weave the two together was impressive.