Logan Black
The Kitty That Got the Cream

The Kitty That Got the Cream

The Kitty That Got the Cream

A Danny Diamond Erotic Mystery Novelette (#1.2)

Eileen Jacobsen has seen her share of tawdry cases. As secretary for the womanizing detective Danny Diamond, it goes with the territory. But she’s always experienced them from the sidelines. That is, until her boss approaches her with a case all her own.

It’s supposed to be a milk run. A wealthy widow, off her rocker with dementia, has lost her favorite cat, Apollo. And wouldn’t you know it, Diamond has been hired to find out where he ran off to. Eileen quickly learns the wayward pussycat is with a relative in San Francisco and convinces Diamond to take a jaunt with her up to the City by the Bay to retrieve him.

She’s never been to the city before, and it’s a perfect opportunity to for a day date on someone else’s dime. But it’s never as simple as that when it comes to a Danny Diamond caper – especially when libidos run hot and idle conversation on the airplane turns to talk turns to the Mile High Club.

Or when an old lady’s cat turns out to be the spawn of Satan himself.

The Kitty That Got the Cream” is a Novelette-length erotic tale of approximately 14,000 words.

Ebook: $2.99

Vella: 102 Tokens

Praise for the Danny Diamond Series

–“Combines skillful writing, moody atmosphere, glorious hot sex, a thumping good murder mystery, and fantastic characters.”

–“A tight interpretation of the hard-boiled tradition of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett.”

–“Really, really hot”

–“Puts most erotic authors to shame”

–“A sexual climax that coincides with the story climax. The plotting it took to weave the two together was impressive.

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